Record FWISD Participation in Scholarship Program

The Bobby Bragan Youth Foundation reports that 100 percent of Fort Worth ISD’s 26 middle schools are participating in the foundation’s 2015-2016 scholarship program. This is a significant increase from the 64 percent participation last year.

“This level of participation means many more of our students stand to win financial assistance for college,” said Fort Worth ISD District 2 Trustee Tobi Jackson. “I want to thank everyone who worked to make this happen, especially Dr. Lezley Lewis, Rediesha Allen, and Sharolyn Chitwood of Fort Worth ISD’s Professional Learning and Improvement Department, our college and career counseling coaches, our Academic Advisement team, and the Bobby Bragan Youth Foundation.”

Bobby Bragan, a former major league baseball player, manager and coach, established the Youth Foundation in 1991 to encourage children to stay in school and pursue their educational and career dreams.

Scholarships awarded by the Bobby Bragan Youth Foundation are presented to deserving students while they are in the 8th grade, just prior to their entrance into high school, at a critical juncture in their academic career. The foundation hopes to inspire students to plan for higher education, dedicate themselves to work hard to reach that goal, and push them to seek out additional aid at an earlier stage in their lives.

Awardees will be notified in March of 2016. Schools of scholarship winners will be presented with banners announcing their winners later in the spring.

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